The Ascension Spinnerbait Series

The Ascension Spinnerbait Series

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Spinner01 6'9" H XF 10-15lb 1/4-5/8oz $120.00
Spinner02 7'0" M MF 8-15lb 3/8-3/4oz $124.00
Spinner03 7'2" MH MF 10-20lb 1/2- 1 1/2oz $127.00


The Ascension series is the flagship rod for Dunamis. You’ll find an Ascension Series rod to suit every style of fishing you can think of. Choose the rod that suits you best, and take your choice of EVA Foam or Classic Cork handles for YOUR Dunamis Ascension.

We don’t have to tell you how to use our rods, but we’ve categorized them to give you a feel of the for what we were thinking when we built each of these rods for you. At Dunamis, we know that a lot of technique specific preferences come down to the angler, which is why we offer the most dynamic line of rods in the game.

Like any of our full custom rods, all of the highest quality components are used, and the Ascension comes with our 100% no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee!